Remembrance Stories

Yaritza Rollan

My sister, Yaritza Rollan (better known as Yaya ) dedicated her entire life to the arts. She tattooed, painted, drew, created murals, and even got into Cosmetology. She began participating in local ga…


”Forever my always.” May you keep shining like the August Moon from above. You were my best friend, forever my love. Continue your hyena laugh and you singing too. My daughter,August’s mom, cherished …

Alissa Hale- Forever 21

7/6/1995 – 5/23/2017 ”My daughter, Alissa loved her cats. Sambuca, Scooter. Smokey & Shadow. Yes, all S names, a family rule! And her dog Melo.She also loved swimming. I raised her on Easter…

Nicholas Di Marco- Forever 19

3/22/1996 – 3/9/2015 “”My ears are deaf from the sound of my heart breaking. Knowing you will never be waking. How and why was I to know it was your time, it all went so wrong. It should have be…

Rhett Dwyer – Forever 21

2/28/1996 – 5/12/2017 “ And that was the day I died, changed. I lost myself. I crumbled. Then, knowing you were watching me- I rose, changed. On a mission. My mission was -HOPE! To never allow  …

Jay Lomastro – Forever 35

9/23/1979 – 5/31/2015 ”Everyone is somebody’s somebody, not a nobody” Aline Lomastro~Jay’s Mom

Brittany Caldwell- Forever 28

7/7/1990 – 11/24/2018 “You were my firstborn, my only daughter, the light of my life- My Daughtershine! Your beautiful smile and light touched so many in your brief time here. As long as I walk …

Paul Michael Hartel

05-09-95 to 11-24-16 Forever 21 I never thought your light would go out, so young and filled with potential. I live each day wishing you were here to see the sunset with me. Everything beautiful feels…

Robbie Hodge- Forever 23

10/16/1993 – 11/29/2016  “Not a day goes by without you on my mind…if only”  #OnePillCanKill  Jennifer Bryant Hodge~Robbie’s Mom

Nick Naillon

“My heart is broken. My mind forever numb. The thought of a world without you in it- Unimaginable.” Tillie Nallion~Nick’s mama. RIP, my friend.

Chandler & Breanna “Breezy” Hamby – Forever 25

2/14/1991- 4/29/2016 & 4/26/1988- 3/14/2013 “I thought losing one child was devastating. But, when i lost my second child due to this evil epidemic. It was soul crushing and debilitating. I just r…

Rusty Drew – Forever 17

8/7/2002-7/26/2020 “I can’t stop counting the days since you left. The best parts of me died with you that day, Son. My first born. My best friend, and my pain in the ass. I still want to punch you in…

Devin J. Norring – Forever 20

12/19/2000 – 4/4/2020 A favorite quote of mine. “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains immortal.”- Albert Pike Bridgette Norring~…

Ginger Gay – Forever 59

9/22/1961 – 6/21/2020 “ I’m late because I found a dog, a plant, someone who needed a friend.” Myself and Ginger’s Countless Friends

Thomas Armstrong –  Forever 56

9/16/1961 – 8/2017 “Fight to Live” Alexandra Guba ~  Fiance to Tommy Armstrong

Samantha Ducharme- Forever 28

1/10/1990 – 7/24/2018 “There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your child- NOTHING”. Barbara Bruton ~ Samantha Ducharme’s mom

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