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Deb’s quote for Cheyenne-”Forever my always.” May you keep shining like the August Moon from above. You were my best friend, forever my love. Continue your hyena laugh and you singing too. My daughter,August’s mom, cherished sister, beloved granddaughter, never forgotten niece.”

Deb Brinegar~ Cheyenne’s Mom

“Not a day goes by without you on my mind…if only”

     Jennifer Bryant Hodge~Robbie’s Mom

”My daughter, Alissa loved her cats. Sambuca, Scooter. Smokey & Shadow. Yes, all S names, a family rule! And her dog Melo.She also loved swimming. I raised her on Eastern Long Island,  NY. 7/6/95- 5/23/17”

Michele Hale~ Alissa’s  Mom

”Everyone is somebody’s somebody, not a nobody”

Aline Lomastro~Jay’s Mom

There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your child- NOTHING.

Barbara Bruton ~ Samantha Ducharme’s mom

And that was the day I died, changed. I lost myself. I crumbled. Then,knowing you were watching me- I rose, changed. On a mission to never allow another family to feel alone, be alone or crumble. That was all you, my Moon.

Bonny Batchelor-Dwyer~ Rhett Dwyer’s mom