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The South Riverbank Walk

Please bring posters of your lost one. Their faces deserve to be seen. God , knows how much I miss mine. I know, all the mothers of loss that I speak with- The conversation always begins with, “How are you doing? If only…”

Our children, siblings, spouses, friends and neighbors deserve to have their stories told. We have already mailed “Save The Date” cards to every Senator, Representative, City Council member, Our Governor, Ron DeSantis. Our Mayor, Lenny Curry. Our Sheriff, Mike Williams and other leaders around NE Florida. Along with every media outlet. This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Please come and help us honor our children and hopefully help to educate yours.

We have purposely gone out and been building partnerships and friendships with people who feel our pain. We believe you will be surprised at who is here to speak! we believe you’ll be surprised who has decided to honor our loved ones by turning their buildings and businesses purple.

You can help by purchasing a purple light bulb and “leaving the light on” on your front porch or the front of your business.

T- Shirts available soon.