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RAGE against the disease

RAD HEARTSTRINGS believes a healthy life is a life that consists of: Food, Safety, Shelter, Clothing, Education and Equal Access to Care.

2019-Total overdose/poisoning deaths reported-70,630

2020-Preliminarily stating 93,000 deaths due to overdose/poisoning.

That means: 254 folks are losing their life -DAILY.

Every 8 minutes..a loved one dies.

And another 8 minutes….

560 people pick up for the first time every day

It is NOT other people’s families!

The rapid rise in HEP C and HIV cases have made this not only a safety concern but a PUBLIC Health Emergency. Florida, and specifically Duval County, followed closely by Nassau County have the highest “newly diagnosed cases” of each.

It is your families.

Won’t you help us to help them?

“Leather and Lace” Florida Tea Cup Memorial

“Leather and Lace” Florida Tea Cup Memorial

We are on our way! We’ve received the doilies, the leather, the name tags, the Tea Cups. There’s been such a response there are 100 more Tea Cups on the way.
What a beautiful display of Remembrance, Love, and Honor. We are providing the first 100 Tea Cups. Once you become a Tea Cup Holder you will always be a Tea Cup holder and represented at every event. This is not an annual send your information Memorial.
“Leather and Lace” Tea Cup Memorial will include your loved ones Tea Cup, the Leather or Lace doilie. Leather will be used for the men. Lace and crotchet doilies will be used for the women. Yes, we have pink and blue for the babies, children lost entirely to early. The purple ribbon and white organza we tie to every Tea Cup. There is nothing as breathtaking and heartfelt as walking into the event room and seeing all those dancing, flickering flames that live on and help us by just being there- to soften hearts and open minds to what we need our legislators, communities, medical professionals to hear and feel.

Every Tea Cup Holder will also be printed and placed on the Tea Cup banner that accompanies the Tea Cups to all events. We do NOT charge parents for their lost loved ones to be placed on a banner. Others do- We do NOT!
The Tea Cups are $15.00 and lovely. Decorated with love and care. They just bring tears to my eyes.
Please if you have questions- email: TeacupMemorial@gmail.com Subject line : Tea Cups
Our first stop we are hoping will be the Governor’s Mansion. The First Lady has already inquired about them and that is her desire. There are 67 Counties in Florida. We hope to meet with leadership in all. We have sent a Save the Date. However, with Covid- We are being very careful in penning down dates. I would expect our Tea Cups to hit the road soon. Hopefully, Summer of 2021.
**We did, and I feel comfortable in saying- The Holiday events, were postponed due to Covid. I believe, it was the only responsible thing we could do.**
My heartfelt thanks to all the Mothers who have already paid it forward for Moms, siblings, Spouses struggling. Just to ensure another Tea Cup is lit and Honored. ❤
Please donate, even if you are not a Tea Cup holder. Just someone who’s life has been negatively impacted or you’d like to sponsor a family who has lost their loved one. We all need a little help from time to time.
Leather and Lace Tea Cup Memorial


We are here to help and to encourage members of an area to step up and start closing the “gaps”, the “needs” of their community. We actively engage community members who desire change within their neighborhood to put their “Boots on the Ground” along with ours. To ensure that everyone within that community is involved at some level. To encourage and support the changes necessary- Our first priorities are those who have fallen prey to a host of outside factors.

How we help Communities

Food Donations

We received a grant for originally 5,000 pounds of food a month. Over the course of 2 months it’s been increased to 10,000. That was all perishable so we had to make up kits, bigger than kits! And get that food out on the streets.

Our volunteers stayed out for 2 days. Until everything was gone. You’ll see tons of fresh stuff- salads, wraps, fruit, yogurt, cakes, pies, tarts- They wouldn’t keep so it had to be delivered and handed out quickly with no notice or even a couple days to get word on the street. I wasn’t throwing any of it out. It’s needed and necessary!

We fed 3 homeless camps- 35 folks on the street and into Clay county.


“Narcan from RAD Heartstings has supplied 5 recovery homes for a total of 20 residents in Akron Ohio, 2 homes in Cleveland Ohio 10 residents, and 5 residents in Canton Ohio.

10 people were administered narcan from the outreach team between March 2020 and April 2021, NONE resulted in fatalities and ALL were offered and received ongoing support. From those, 6 are still in contact and still sober to date.”

Denny Wilson
Wilson Empowerment

Author, Creator and Executive Producer- Recovery House Rescue 

Wound Care

 We cannot “make” anyone go to an ER. Most will not. Due to the shame and stigma they have been met with inside a medical facility filled with “professionals”. On many occasions, the only way we can get them to go is to take them ourselves and stay. Almost, as “guardians” and “gatekeepers” of their Humanity. Calling out Dr.’s and Nurses, who should know better but don’t.

It is with such stigma that many- will prefer to “tough it out”- which usually means dying versus being treated sub-human. We do our best with the supplies we have and can get.

Wound care is one of the most expensive items anyone working in this area will encounter.

Offering street care is our next best option and making certain the person knows how to care for that particular wound. How often to clean, how to clean, antibiotic sprays, ointment, germ shield, packings, dressings, bandaging.

We are not physicians! We do, sometimes, have nurses that donate their time and as well as a couple of physicians. We are fortunate to have that!

Controlled Substances and Related Wounds

Heroin – Intravenous Drug Complications

Abscesses are common in those who use heroin because the substance is not sterile and is often mixed with citric acid. Citric acid can also cause acid burns in the vessels or subcutaneous tissues, leading to necrosis. Heroin can be smoked, snorted, or injected. The stronger the addiction, the more apt the user is to inject the drug. Skin infections and injection site-type wounds are becoming more of the “norm.” Skin breakdown ,abscess, infection, sepsis, deep vein thrombosis, and amputation  are common. Substance abusers inject in their arms, legs, and even genitalia to hide the site. When a user cannot find a good site (skin popping), the drug can build up under the skin and be absorbed into subcutaneous tissues.

Methamphetamine – Meth Mites and Crank Bites

People who use meth are known for having open sores on their bodies. This can happen if the user is smoking, snorting, or injecting the drug. Open wounds or “pocks” are mostly caused by the hallucinations of what are referred to as “meth mites” or “crank bites” that meth users think are under their skin. It is common for meth users to feel anxious or like they are being eaten alive by insects. These open areas of the skin can lead to infection.

Krokodil – Skin-Induced Necrosis

Krokodil is the street name for desomorphine. This drug is injected and leads to skin necrosis  Russian doctors first noticed wounds with a crocodile hide appearance in the early 2000s. The drug was being made in the homes of Russians and Siberians. Krokodil causes skin necrosis and damages internal organs. It has also been referred to as a “flesh-eating drug.” Bone infections and amputations are common. Krokodil has since spread to Europe and the United States (Utah, Illinois, Arizona, and Ohio).

It has been reported that one third of substance abusers will develop an injection-related abscess, sore, or open wound within a one-year period. Education about substance abuse, skin issues, and wound care is an important part of helping not only the user, but also the health care or field staff encountering this epidemic more and more often.


Rage Against the Disease

Our first priorities are those who have fallen prey to a host of outside factors. Those who have fallen prey to Substance Use Disorder, Trauma, Systemic racism and poverty, mental health issues, and to those who have had interaction with the criminal justice system.



Hopefully, together we can change the direction of the community and get that neighborhood back to focusing on what each deserves- That Happy, Healthy, Successful Life.


We believe that creating unity within a community to care for their neighborhoods is the most effective way to attain safety, love, compassion, and with the help of our wonderful and experienced volunteer’s assist in getting communities on board.




Your generosity makes our work possible.


Send your comments and a photo to remember your loved one.


Help physically and volunteer with us!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Volunteer NOW!

Volunteer with us today! We could use your help to bring positive changes into our community.





Remembrance Stories

Samantha Ducharme- Forever 28

1/10/1990 – 7/24/2018 “There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your child- NOTHING”. Barbara Bruton ~ Samantha Ducharme’s mom

Thomas Armstrong –  Forever 56

9/16/1961 – 8/2017 “Fight to Live” Alexandra Guba ~  Fiance to Tommy Armstrong

Ginger Gay – Forever 59

9/22/1961 – 6/21/2020 “ I’m late because I found a dog, a plant, someone who needed a friend.” Myself and Ginger’s Countless Friends

Devin J. Norring – Forever 20

12/19/2000 – 4/4/2020 A favorite quote of mine. “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains immortal.”- Albert Pike Bridgette Norring~…

Rusty Drew – Forever 17

8/7/2002-7/26/2020 “I can’t stop counting the days since you left. The best parts of me died with you that day, Son. My first born. My best friend, and my pain in the ass. I still want to punch you in…

Chandler & Breanna “Breezy” Hamby – Forever 25

2/14/1991- 4/29/2016 & 4/26/1988- 3/14/2013 “I thought losing one child was devastating. But, when i lost my second child due to this evil epidemic. It was soul crushing and debilitating. I just r…

Nick Naillon

“My heart is broken. My mind forever numb. The thought of a world without you in it- Unimaginable.” Tillie Nallion~Nick’s mama. RIP, my friend.

Robbie Hodge- Forever 23

10/16/1993 – 11/29/2016  “Not a day goes by without you on my mind…if only”  #OnePillCanKill  Jennifer Bryant Hodge~Robbie’s Mom

Paul Michael Hartel

05-09-95 to 11-24-16 Forever 21 I never thought your light would go out, so young and filled with potential. I live each day wishing you were here to see the sunset with me. Everything beautiful feels…

Brittany Caldwell- Forever 28

7/7/1990 – 11/24/2018 “You were my firstborn, my only daughter, the light of my life- My Daughtershine! Your beautiful smile and light touched so many in your brief time here. As long as I walk …

Jay Lomastro – Forever 35

9/23/1979 – 5/31/2015 ”Everyone is somebody’s somebody, not a nobody” Aline Lomastro~Jay’s Mom

Rhett Dwyer – Forever 21

2/28/1996 – 5/12/2017 “ And that was the day I died, changed. I lost myself. I crumbled. Then, knowing you were watching me- I rose, changed. On a mission. My mission was -HOPE! To never allow  …

Nicholas Di Marco- Forever 19

3/22/1996 – 3/9/2015 “”My ears are deaf from the sound of my heart breaking. Knowing you will never be waking. How and why was I to know it was your time, it all went so wrong. It should have be…

Alissa Hale- Forever 21

7/6/1995 – 5/23/2017 ”My daughter, Alissa loved her cats. Sambuca, Scooter. Smokey & Shadow. Yes, all S names, a family rule! And her dog Melo.She also loved swimming. I raised her on Easter…


”Forever my always.” May you keep shining like the August Moon from above. You were my best friend, forever my love. Continue your hyena laugh and you singing too. My daughter,August’s mom, cherished …

Yaritza Rollan

My sister, Yaritza Rollan (better known as Yaya ) dedicated her entire life to the arts. She tattooed, painted, drew, created murals, and even got into Cosmetology. She began participating in local ga…

Our Partners & Sponsors


RADHEARTSTRINGS is a 501c3, recognized Federal and State nonprofit

EIN number 85-3950638 

State Exemption 85-8018378270C-7

As any nonprofit- we stay working for the betterment of communities through Donations, Corporate Sponsors and volunteers. We ask for your help in continuing our work!

We more importantly are: Moms, Dads, Spouses, Siblings, Lovers, and Friends who have lost someone to the disease of Addiction. RAD is also those in Recovery – who get exactly where you are. It’s where we’ve been. Where we would still be without a hand UP. Not a hand out- a hand UP. Someone you can trust, tell your story too- Unashamed and know no one will judge you.

There are MANY in our communities’ who are still in active use. It is not our place to judge or demand sobriety. It’s our place to keep individuals and their families as safe as possible, with Safe supplies, Narcan, Food, Warmth, Toiletries, Hygiene needs, Community clean up’s and Health drives

WE PROMISE TO LOVE YOU UNTIL YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF. LOVE-Free from shame. Free from judgement and Free from Stigma.